Debbie Brown
Debbie BrownConsultant

Debbie Brown is an accomplished Business Development, Operations, Client & Employee Engagement, and Strategic Account Management executive who has been recognized by industry associations and organizations for her passion and commitment to trends in talent acquisition, engagement, and retention as well as technology. She has delivered results for global leaders, as well as startup and emerging firms across a broad spectrum of industries.

With extensive experience in rapid-growth situations, she has worked with companies in the technology, healthcare, and recruiting & staffing industries – in both distributed branch networks and centralized business models. Her expertise in helping high-growth and entrepreneurial businesses scale is by leveraging her comprehensive understanding of people, organizations, markets, and business models.

Debbie is the co-creator of SmartBox Talent Solutions℠ – a fully customized hiring process and performance management toolset for increased sales and higher performance. The SmartBox Talent Solutions℠ methodology has helped companies transform their organizations through smarter hiring, and creating a metrics and performance-driven environment for their teams.

Throughout Debbie’s career she has built a reputation for developing business strategies, incubating new business models, and leveraging people, process and technology to drive results. A common thread that weaves through the fabric of Debbie’s experience is Transformational Leadership, inside the context of Human Capital. From acquisitions, to managing rapid growth, to business transformations, to turnarounds – Transformational Leadership has been a key component.

Debbie is a graduate of the Haslam College of Business at the University of Tennessee. She resides in Apex, North Carolina.