Mark Ascolese
Mark AscoleseConsultant

Mark is a strategic, operations, and market savvy consultant and Board Member with a record of success in focusing on early stage, mid-sized, and large companies delivering bottom-line results in complex, rapidly changing environments. He was previously President of Eaton Powerware, CEO of Active Power, Inc., CEO and Chairman of the board of Power Analytics, and Chairman of the Board of SGB Enterprises. He also held numerous executive level positions at the General Electric Company.

During Mark’s tenure in these roles, he led and/or managed the following transactions:

  • Acquired SGB Enterprises, a family owned business in the aerospace simulation business. Transaction value was $8M. Mark was the acquirer and became the new owner of the business. Negotiated all documents related to the acquisition and closing
  • Sold Powerware, a subsidiary of Invensys PLC, to Eaton Corporation. He served as the President of Powerware and led the team that presented the company to prospective buyers and worked through the diligence process to closing. The revenues of Powerware were about $750M and the transaction value was approximately $ 650M
  • DLT Enterprises was a family owned business in the software distribution business to the federal and state government whose founder had passed. Mark served on the Board and was part of the effort to first restructure and turn the business around and then sell the business to new owners. Transaction value was $32M. He was intimately involved in the negotiations of the definitive agreement and closing documents
  • Delta Electronics was a subsidiary of Fiskars Corporation and based in San Diego. He was part of the Executive Team at Powerware that acquired the company. Revenues were approximately $ 125M and the transaction value was approximately $60M. He participated in the due diligence process and definitive agreement negotiations
  • Active Power Inc.(ACPW) was a publicly traded company in the power quality business. He was the CEO and led the entire sale process. The assets were sold to Pillar Inc., a subsidiary of Langley Holdings PLC out of the UK. Active Power revenues were approximately $40M and the transaction value was about $12M. He was responsible for finding a buyer and negotiations of everything related to the sale. We renamed the resultant shell company P10 Holdings, (PIOE). He then led the effort to find new investors and position the company for future acquisitions

In addition, Mark served as President of the Wake Country United Way and Chair of the Alexis de Tocqueville Society while serving on the Triangle United Way board. He currently serves on the Board of the Tammy Lynn Center for Developmental Disabilities.